Top reasons why schools choose us
School Fund Raising

School fund raising has been creatively moved from laborious paper processes to an online marketplace that makes it easy for parents and students to participate and contribute.

Boosting the Boosters

Fund raising events, with the ability to make easy, secure online donations and purchases make the booster job so much easier. 

School Portal

resources, events & programs

The School Portal provides authorized individuals to login and manage all kinds of funding events to raise money or collect money on-line for extra-curricular programs for their school.

We all know how important it is for kids to participate in team sports, school events, extra-curricular classes, like art and music, band and cheer-leading, and after school programs. Funding those programs takes a lot of effort and organization, and although it's worth it, is often a lot of extra paperwork and legwork for educators, students and parents. PrepNation Network supports those activities in a secure, online method that makes it so easy for parents, students and anyone else to participate in, and much easier for the school staff to track and manage. 

We provide applications for the school staff to create, publish and manage events for fund raising. The staff can determine what types of fund raising will be used for specific events, from donations and raffle tickets to revenue sharing on shopping, and electronic ticketing for every event. Those events become live on the PrepNation Network site where any registered user can view the events, and decide how to participate. The events can also be sent out in emails, text and published to school approved social media sites, like the School's Facebook page or to Twitter. 

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The School Portal provides dashboards and reporting for up to date monitoring of extra-curricular funds raised by the various events in the school so you always know the status of your efforts.